El Mirador Village El Mirador Village
El Mirador Village
El Mirador Village
El Mirador Village


Within Rocky Point Puerto Penasco we have so much to see a weekend never seems to be enough. In the old port ( also known as the Malecon ) we have the fish market bringing you the catch of the day as well as shops, restaurants and bars. The perfect location for a daily stroll.

Playa Mirador is just around the corner from the malencon. If you are looking for the place where everyone gathers to have a good time at night, look no further. This is the area where El Mirador Hotel is located.

A short distance from town we have some absolutely amazing opportunities in areas like Playa La Jolla, Playa Encanto and the well known Mayan Palace.

About two hundred years ago, the Seri Indians would travel to the area known as Rocky Point and would gather to hunt "Camarones Gigante". These colossal shrimp were not very common. They would live an average of 50 years; however, they only had offspring 2 or 3 times in their lives.

The Northern area of The Sea of Cortez is the only place known to host the colossal creatures. Many Indians lost their lives hunting these giants. The risk to capture one was great but so were the rewards. The tribes would have enough to eat for a week and the Indian was thought of as a hero for weeks.

Then, about a hundred years ago word spread about these giant shrimp. Locals were tempted to hunt these giants. A harvest was difficult but soon bigger, better boats and more sophisticated fishing techniques the fishermen grew very rich from the colossal shrimp industry. Sadly, these giants were over-fished less than a decade later.

Still, very little is known about these creatures. To commemorate these Colossal Shrimp you can see the life-sized statue on the renovated Malecon.

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